Tyrian White case: In reply to IHC, Imran says petition ‘not maintainable’ on legal grounds – Pakistan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday requested the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to dismiss a petition — seeking his disqualification for not mentioning “his daughter Tyrian Jade White” in his nomination papers — saying that it was “not maintainable” on legal grounds.

The former prime minister argued that he was not a member of the National Assembly anymore, therefore such a petition was “not maintainable and may not be proceeded”.

Last year, Sajid Mehmood had filed a petition in the IHC claiming that although Imran made arrangements for Tyrian White’s upkeep in the United Kingdom, he did not disclose it in nomination papers and affidavits filed by him for contesting elections.

The IHC on Jan 19 had asked Imran to submit his reply by Jan 27 after his counsel Salman Akram Raja sought time citing the need for the litigants to go through a biometric verification process before the submission of documents.

In his response submitted today, Imran stated that his resignation from the National Assembly “is irrevocable and he has no intention of taking up a seat in the present National Assembly”.

He argued that the IHC could not examine the “veracity or otherwise of any declaration or affidavit issued” in the exercise of its constitutional jurisdiction, especially with respect to a person who had ceased to hold public office.

“Such examination requires the leading of evidence, examination and cross examination of witnesses in a course of a trial before a competent forum.”

The PTI chief also referred to similar petition filed in the IHC and Supreme Court previously that were dismissed on the same grounds.

He added that a case considered once before to be “improper to proceed with” could not be taken up again as per the law.

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