Tips and habits to keep a clean and tidy house:

 How to keep your house clean and tidy?

Everybody loves to have a clean house as it enhances the beauty of your house. A neat and clean house impresses surprise guests and they definitely praise you. Living in a clean house leads to a healthier life as it minimizes the presence of germs, pests, and other insects causing allergies. 

Some of the tips and habits to keep your house clean and tidy are:

1. Keep your kitchen clean while cooking:  

If you are cooking in the kitchen and you have some spare time, then wash dishes or clean the surfaces. Place the jars and other utensils back in their original places to give a tidy look to your kitchen.

2. Wash dishes immediately after every meal:

Make a habit of cleaning your kitchen and washing dishes after every meal. This will keep your kitchen clean and insect free. One other benefit is that when you come into the kitchen to prepare your next meal you will feel happy and pleased to see a neat and tidy kitchen.

3. Organize one drawer every day: 

Usually the drawers in kitchen and bed room are messy; even you find difficulty in finding something due to this mess. So start from today, and organize one drawer daily, throw away the unwanted things during organizing. This will hardly take 5 to 10 minutes daily and after some days your whole drawers will be organized.

4. Designate a place for everything:

Have a place for everything, for instance a drawer, or a storage for shoes only, separate place for everyone’s clothes. In kitchen, separate drawers for plates, cups, and glasses. 

5. Put stuff back to its original position:

 Some people have a habit of placing things where they use them, like after using a hair brush they leave it on the sofa. Similarly, people throw their coats on the bed or sofa after coming from outside instead of hanging them. These habits create mess and the house looks untidy. Make a habit of placing things back to their original position after use.

6. Do a little laundry every day or after one day:

Instead of having a huge laundry day, do a load of laundry every day or after one day. This will lessen your burden and you can also iron clothes after every laundry. 

7. Always declutter:

Always be decluttering rather than just doing a huge declutter once or twice a year. Keep a basket in your car or garage where you can put items that you no longer want or need,  and if you are passing by a charity shop, you can donate them. This is a great way to stay on top of things, and if you have ever had ten minutes in a day, you can declutter things. 

8. Create a cleaning routine:

If you are a stay-at home person then make a cleaning routine in the morning and if you are a working person then make a cleaning routine in the evening. Designate one hour every day for cleaning, this will keep your house well maintained and tidy.

9. Multitask while you clean:

Another thing that makes cleaning easier is to try multitasking, like doing cleaning while listening to music, or talking on the phone. This trick will make boring cleaning tasks into something that you enjoy. 

10. Involve your whole family:

As a single person cannot change the whole nation, similarly a single person cannot clean or manage the entire house chores. The whole should build a habit of cleaning or placing things in designated places. Build this habit in your kids from the start so that it becomes their routine. Train your children to place their toys in designated places after playing. If they eat food, tell them to bring plates or cups in the kitchen with you.

Keeping your house clean is not a difficult task, but it’s tricky. If you follow the tips, cleaning will become your habit and you will see significant results after a month or two. 

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