Smart Ideas to make your small Bedroom look bigger:

 Make your small bedroom look bigger with these DIY ideas:

If you have a small bedroom and it looks congested then you can make it look bigger with simple DIY ideas described in this article:

1. Paint your bedroom with light colors: 

Avoid painting your bed room with dark colors like black, red, dark green, or blue as dark colors absorb light and make the room dull and small. Try to choose light colors like off-white, light blue to keep your mood lighter and give a fresh look to your room.

2. Minimize Your Furniture:

Try to minimize your bedroom furniture to free space by getting rid of unnecessary furniture. When you go to market, beautiful decorations and furniture inspire you and you bring them home and make your space messy. Try avoiding this as it increases your budget, your time of cleaning and makes your space look small. 

3. Choose low weighted furniture or a mattress:

If your bedroom space is small, place low weighted furniture or a mattress to make the ceiling wider and far. If you place a mattress, you can keep it in a closet when not sleeping to free up space.

4. Add shelves to the back of your bed:

Remove the headboard and put shelves on the back of your bed or mattress to give space to your books, decorations or any other necessary items. This will create an illusion of depth and space in your room.

5. Get a Mirror on the front of your Closet:

Get a mirror on the front of your closet or on a wall instead of having a dressing table and mirror set. This will free up your bedroom space and will look attractive. In a small bedroom you can hang a mirror instead of a photo frame or wall painting.

6. Place Foldable Furniture:

If your room is small and you need space, buy foldable furniture like sofa cum bed, foldable table or chair, and rack. This will provide you with the facility of placing it in the corner when not in use. There are many innovations now a days in foldable furniture, just spend some time on searching them on the internet and order today.

7. Avoid placing too many decorations:

The best and most accurate thing to make your small bedroom look bigger is to avoid placing too many decorations in your room; place only one painting on the wall, just to free space. A room filled with stuff will give a feeling of suffocation and will look untidy.

8. Hang Small Length Curtains:

A small room will obviously have small windows, if you hang long length curtains they will take up space and room will look filled. The solution is to hang small length curtains to free space, tie them to make your room ventilated and airy. 

9. Use light-colored bedsheet and quilt:

The bedsheets and quilts in your bedroom should not have sharp colors or patterns. The main furniture of your bedroom is the bed itself; it should lighten the mood or enhance the beauty of your space.

10. Visual Coherence of your bedroom:

The color contrast of your room is an important thing that matters. The paint color on 

Walls should have some connection with the furniture or rug. Choose one color scheme and play around with it with similar shades of other items. 

  These are the few ideas that will make your small bedroom look bigger and beautifully organized. Similar ideas can also be used while decorating the rest of your house like having a minimum furniture, color contrast, light colored painted walls, foldable furniture, and small length curtains.  

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