10 Stylish and Modern Room Divider Ideas 2022

Room dividers are usually used to partition a room but they also add color and creativity to the room. Some designs of room dividers provide storage space in addition. Choosing a room divider for your home is a difficult task. This divider will become a good addition to your home and enhance your interior decoration. Consider the requirement of your space and the purpose of placing the divider before going to buy a room divider. Make a budget and then shop accordingly.

Modern Room Divider Ideas:

Many trending and stylish room dividers are available in the market. Check these room stylish and modern room dividers for your home.

1. Room Dividers for Privacy:

A partition serves as an additional wall on which you can hang some pictures and artwork. If the purpose of a room divider is simply a privacy screen then choose that room divider that is made of wood and has less space between wooden bars.

2. Fancy and Modern Room Divider:

A fancy and modern room divider that also decorates the ceiling can also be a good choice. This design also features racks that work for displaying some small plants. This room divider will not only beautify your space but also provides you with ample space for storage.

3. Craft Room Divider:

room divider made up of a decorative bees-nest-like pattern is a piece of art. This room divider idea is beautiful and stylish.  A hanging shelf is also attached to the back side which makes this partition multifunctional.

4. Partial Room Divider:

If the ceiling of your room is considerably high, a partial room divider is enough that doesn’t touch the height of the ceiling. You can paint the partition the same color as the room  to make it bold or paint it with a different color to contrast. You can add small plants and decorative items to the space of the room divider to add texture and harmony.

5. Wooden Hanging Room Divider:

A short-hanging wooden panel seems to make a pretty room divider.  This type of room divider idea is quite see-through so don’t use it where privacy is the preference. This room divider also contains a storage unit on one side that provides you the space for storage.

6. Glass Room Divider:

A glass room divider makes your room look transparent but you can use tinted or blurred glass as a room divider to make privacy. The glass used as a room divider must have a high thickness to prevent it from breaking.

Glass dividers are mostly popular in bathrooms to separate the bath area from the sink area.

7. Racks Room Divider:

It is a brilliant idea that the room divider contains racks, cabinets, and shelves for storage. The above part contains racks for displaying items and the lower part contains drawers for storage like clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

8. Simple Room Divider:

A simple room divider adds creativity to a space. It looks more modern and elegant. Place the room divider in the location where it divides the room perfectly without creating a mess in the room.

9. Nature-Inspired Room Divider:

Bring nature to your room with this nature-inspired room divider. Beautiful planters are attached to the room. These room dividers will add greenery to your room in addition to partitioning.


10. Metal Room Dividers:

Metal room dividers like aluminum and iron can also be used instead of wood or glass room dividers. Metal room dividers are more solid and have a long life. They give a modern look to your architecture.


All of these are stylish and modern room divider ideas that fit best in every space. You can choose any of these ideas according to your circumstances. Room dividers come in many materials like glass, wood, and metals. The material, size, and style of room dividers calculate their cost.

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