Recycle old plates to make decorative plates for wall hanging:

 Recycle old plates to make Decorative plates for Wall hanging:

Old plastic, glass, or ceramic plates can be converted into beautiful wall hangings as decorative plates easily at home without much effort. Every home has old plates that are no more in use; the best way is to recycle them and make a decoration. Today we are going to discuss, a useful DIY craft idea to make decorative plates without paints.

Material Required:

  • Old plates
  • White acrylic paint
  • Decoupage napkin
  • Varnish + turpentine oil 
  • Silicon glue
  • Duct tape
  • Hanging hook


  • Take any old plastic, glass, or ceramic plate and wipe its surface with a clean dry cloth. Apply white acrylic paint on the front side of the plate and let it dry.
  • Place the plate on a decoupage napkin and cut the napkin around the corners of the plate.

  • Remove back layers of napkin and apply glue to the plate. Slightly press the napkin with a cling sheet so that it sticks to the plate and removes bubbles. This procedure requires concentration and patience. Remove all the bubbles to give a neat look and let it dry. 

  • Apply varnish diluted with turpentine oil to preserve your work and give a finished look.

  • Apply golden acrylic paint on the edges of the plate with your fingers. Stick hanging hook on the back side of the plate with silicon glue and let it dry for 4-5 hours. To make the hanging hook more firm, stick duct tape over it.

You can use different designs of decoupage napkin to decorate multiple plates and hang them on your living room or balcony wall. 

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