Recycle old CDs or DVDs to create CD Coasters (Useful DIY Craft ideas)

 CD Coasters creation from old waste CDs:

Technology is upgrading day by day; new inventions taking the place of old systems. One of these obsolete technologies are CDs and DVDs that are no longer useful. Even the old CDs in your drawers are a waste, but you can give them life by creating simple “Drink Coasters” for your dining or coffee table. These CD coasters will prevent the heat of your cup from penetrating the table. This useful DIY craft idea is very simple; require less time, and fewer materials.

Material Required:

  • Old CDs or DVDs (4 or as required)
  • Jute rope
  • Artificial flowers (4 or as required)
  • Glue


  • Take an old CD or DVD and cover its center hole with tape from both sides.

  • Take a jute rope, apply glue to its one corner and start turning it in circular motion. Attach this to the center of the CD with glue.

  • Keeping on applying glue and jute rope turning in circular motion until the whole CD is covered with jute rope.

  • Glue an artificial flower with a leaf on its one corner and let it dry.

You can make as many CD coasters as you want, using this simple useful DIY craft idea. It will give a new look to your coffee or dining table and will definitely catch the attention of coming guests.

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