Best Indoor Plants for Air Purifying

Indoor plants are a good source of oxygen, filtering air pollutants, lowering indoor temperatures and humidity levels, and reducing anxiety. Indoor plants can be placed anywhere in your bedroom and living room as they will purify the environment and makes your health good.

10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purifying:

The best plants that purify the air and are good for human health are as follows:

1. Snake Plant:

One of the best indoor plants for air purifying and producing oxygen is the snake plant. It is easy to grow indoors as it requires less maintenance and care.

2. Monstera:

Monstera is also called Swiss Cheese. This plant doesn’t require much water and care. The leaves of this plant are large and vibrant.

3. Purple Waffle:

Purple waffle is one of the best indoor plants as it removes toxins from the air. The color of the leaves of this plant is beautiful. This plant is also easy to grow indoors. It doesn’t grow very tall but its stems spread fast.

4. Anthurium:

This plant has beautiful leaves and flowers. You can place this plant in your home as a decorative item. This plant is easy to grow as it can propagate well in all lighting conditions.

5. Pothos:

This plant is a good choice to place indoors as it doesn’t require too much light and care. You can grow it in hanging planters as it will look very beautiful. The leaves of this plant are heart-shaped which makes it more attractive.

6. Ferns:

Ferns is also a good indoor plant as it purifies the air and removes air pollutants from the environment.

7. Philippine Evergreen:

Philippine evergreen produces high levels of oxygen and purifies the air by removing bad chemicals from the environment. This plant grows well in low-light and shady areas.

8. Peace Lily:

This plant not eliminates pollutants from the air but also provides décor to your living space. If you place this in your bedroom, it can help you get a  more peaceful night’s sleep.

9. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is one of the best indoor plants for air purifying. This plant filters the air and makes it germ or pollutant free. Aloe Vera is easy to grow indoors as it requires indirect light.

10. Gardenia:

This is one of the best indoor plants as it helps to reduce anxiety and make you sleep well. This plant requires bright indirect sunlight and weekly watering.

These plants are the best indoor plants for air purifying. They cleanse the environment, provide oxygen, and make the space look beautiful. You can grow these plants in beautiful planters to make your house look modern and elegant.

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