How to make Cat’s Bed from Cardboard?


DIY Craft idea for Cat’s bed:

Cats need a comfortable place to rest and relax when feeling sleepy and tired, just as humans need a place to relax. You can make your pet’s sleep zone more comfy and relaxing with our today’s DIY craft idea. 

Material Required:

  • Cardboard Box
  • Polyester wadding
  • A4 paper
  • Fabric (Yellow and blue)
  • Black Felt


  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Cutter
  • Pencil


Follow the steps below to make a beautiful cat bed:

  1. Cardboard surface making:
Take a cardboard box and remove its upper and lower folds with the help of a cutter. Twist the cardboard  to make the corners smooth.

Cut the bottom surface of cardboard to make a zigzag pattern. 

2. Base of bed:

Measure the circumference (C) of  the cardboard box as shown below:

My box C = 53.1 inch
Calculate the diameter of a circle by dividing the circumference (C) of a cardboard with pi (3.14)
D = C/pi = C/3.14 = 16.9 inch (my box)
Take another cardboard and cut it in a circle of the diameter measured above and glue it with the zigzag cutting of a cardboard box.

3. Ear shape making to decorate bed:

Take A4 size paper and mark cardboard box height on it, fold it vertically, and make a curve starting from the mark to the other end.

Cut the curve and open the fold of paper. Now take another cardboard and make two cuttings of it by using the paper sample made above. 

Glue, polyester wadding and then fabric on the on one side of upper curves of cardboard cuttings and felt on other side.

4. Outer covering of cardboard bed:

Cover the outer circle of the cardboard bed with polyester wadding and fabric. Glue the two ears made above on one side of bed.

5. Inner covering of cardboard bed:

Take cardboard cuttings and attach them to make inner side of the bed.

Glue polyester wadding and different colored fabric on the inner side of this cutting.
Attach it to the inner side of the bed.

6. Bottom covering of bed:

Take a cardboard and cut it in a circle of the same diameter as the bed bottom. Glue polyester wadding and fabric on it and attach it on the bottom of bed. 

7. Eyes and Lips on Bed:

Make eyes and lips of black felt and attach it to front side of bed. Take powdered blush on and apply it to beautify. 

The most comfortable bed for your cat is ready to use. You can place a fabric sheet on the inside of the bed so that it can be changed and washed.

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