How to create a beautiful Mirror?

With easy techniques and ideas, many useful crafts can be created at home easily by spending less amount of money. Today’s creation will be a beautiful mirror for home decoration with easy techniques.

1. Cardboard Mirror base:

Take a round mirror of 30 cm diameter and place it on a piece of cardboard. Trace the boundary of the mirror on cardboard and make an outer circle measuring 2 cm from the inner circle. Cut the outer circle with a cutter. Repeat this procedure and make four circles like this.

2. Cover Cardboards with foaming sheet:

With the help of a glue, attach two circles and make a pair. Take a sparkling foaming sheet and cut it according to the size of circles that we joined with glue. Now cut the foaming sheet circle 3 cm extra from the outer boundary. Glue foaming sheet circle to the first cardboard circle. Cover the edges with foaming sheet strips. Cover the edges of the second cardboard circle with foaming sheet strips.

3. Paint skewer sticks gold:

Take skewer sticks and paint them gold.

4. Make cardboard and foaming sheet leaf patterns:

Take a thin box of cardboard and cut 34 equal sized molds of leaves from this cardboard using the leaf paper pattern. Make 34 molds of leaves on glitter foaming sheet by using the same paper pattern. Now take a mirror effect cardboard or me carved and make 34 small leaves of it.

5. Stick leaves to sticks:

Now glue the three leaf cuttings ( cardboard, foaming sheet and mirror effect cardboard) by first placing cardboard leaf, then foaming sheet leaf and last mirror effect leaf and make 34 leaf models like this. Glue a gold painted skewer stick to one corner of the leaf and make 34 sticks like this.

6. Glue sticks with cardboard:

Glue these 34 leaf sticks with hot silicon on the second cardboard circle (only edges were covered with foaming sheet strips).

7. Attach both cardboards together:

Put a lot of hot silicon glue on this cardboard circle and attach the other cardboard circle (cover the corners and edges with foaming sheet).

8. Glue mirror and picture hanger on cardboard circles:

Now glue the mirror on top. Attach a picture hanger to the back of the mirror with hot silicon glue.

A beautiful DIY decorative mirror is ready to hang in your bedroom or living room. You can also hang it in the corner of your living room and it will look awesome.


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