Garden decoration with old Tire (Gardening DIY Ideas)


Garden Decoration with old Tire and PVC Pipe:

Whether your garden is small or your house has only a front porch, you can decorate it easily with DIY gardening ideas. Let’s have a look at today’s gardening ideas.

Material Required:

  • Old Tire
  • Four PVC pipes of different lengths
  • Soil
  • Plants
  • White cloth


Follow the steps below to make DIY garden decoration with waste materials.

1. Paint Old Tire:

Paint an old tire with green metallic spray paint.

2. Paint PVC Pipes:

Paint the largest and the smallest PVC pipes with orange spray paint and the middle length pipes with green paint.

3. Arrangement:

Place the painted tire at the location where you want your decoration to be; cover the bottom with white cloth and make small holes in it. Put soil in the tire and set the PVC pipes in standing position at the back side of tire as shown below:

Fill the pipes with soil and place any plants of your choice in these pipes with roots. Place any flower plants, preferably Jasmine or Dandelion, in the remaining area of tire. Spray water on them so that they look fresh.


Water these plants regularly so that they remain fresh and give your home a beautiful fresh look.




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