DIY Plant Pot making with White Cement, Newspaper and Balloon:

How to make a Plant Pot easily at Home?

A beautiful plant pot or table decoration can be easily made at home with simple materials and will look fabulous. Just follow these simple steps and your pot will be ready.

Material Required:

  • White cement
  • White glue
  • Newspaper (small cuttings)
  • Marker
  • Brush
  • Sand paper
  • Acrylic color
  • Sponge


  • Take an inflated balloon and glue 5-6 layers of newspaper cuttings on it. Let it dry.
  • Cut its upper side in a circle and take out the balloon from inside. Press the bottom surface slightly so that it can stand smoothly on any surface.

  • Mix white cement, white glue, and water to form a thick paste. Now apply this thick mixture on the balloon with the help of a brush. Let it dry completely.
  • Rub it with sand paper to make its outer surface smooth.

  • Apply white acrylic paint on the outer surface with a sponge and on the inner surface with a brush. Make random lines on the pot with marker.

  • Fill some patterns with pink (you can choose any other color) acrylic paint using a sponge. Then add some white paint in pink color to make a lighter shade and fill some other patterns. Keep on mixing white color to make lighter shades of pink and fill all patterns. Let the paint dry.

  • Highlight the lines with golden metallic marker or golden acrylic paint. You can plant money plant or any other flowering plant in it.

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