DIY Gift Basket for New Born Babies:

 Gift Basket for New Born Babies from Cardboard Box:

DIY gift baskets from cardboard and simple materials can be made at home. This craft will not only show your talent but also your love for the new born. It can be created with pink color for girls and blue color for boys or any other color of your choice.

Material Required:

  • Cardboard box
  • Pink Chart paper
  • Net fabric (Pink and white) 
  • Pink ribbon and bow
  • White lace
  • Glue gun
  • Double tape


  • Take a cardboard box without cover and carboard rectangular piece that fits inside it.
  • Cover the cardboard piece with pink chart paper.
  • Stick pink chart paper on the sides of cardboard box from inside and outside with glue. Also cover the bottom of box and place the rectangular covered cardboard piece in the box.

  • Tie pink fabric ribbon around the box. Make a loose knot so it can be opened easily.
  • Take a pink net fabric and fold it precisely. Cut this into 1 inch wide strips.

  • Open the strips and cut them into pieces double the height of the box. Pass the strips from the tied ribbon and make a knot.

  • Repeat the procedure until the ribbon is covered with knotted net strips from all four sides. Make sure that the strips are of the same size.

  • Untie the knot of ribbon and attach the frill with the help of double tape. Again, make a knot of extra ribbon.
  • Glue pink ribbon and white lace on the upper four sides of cardboard. 

  • Glue a wide white net fabric from all four sides of the basket to cover the basket.

  • Fill the basket with gifts like clothes, toys etc. for the new born baby.

  •  Hold the white net fabric upside and tie with a pink ribbon firmly. Cut an extra length of white net fabric to give a neat look. Fix a cute pink bow on the front side.

Cute gift basket ready to give to the new born and looks amazing. Similar baskets can be created as wedding or birthday gifts.

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