DIY Craft Ideas for Home Decoration

Home decoration is not as difficult as it is thought, it just requires a little time, creativity, and effort. Easy and beautiful DIY crafts can be made for home decoration using waste materials at home. These DIY crafts will decorate your home elegantly.

1. DIY Vase for Home Decoration:

A beautiful DIY vase can be made by using an old glass jar. Place it on your coffee table or a corner table and put beautiful artificial or fresh flowers in it to make it more appealing. This is an easy DIY craft idea for home decoration.

Material Required:

  • Old glass bottle
  • Old bamboo mat
  • Hot glue gun
  • Lace
  • Spray paint (white)


  • Stick a bamboo mat around an old glass jar using the hot glue gun.

  • Take a beautiful lace and stick it on the bottom side of the vase. Make small folds of the bamboo mat on the upper side.
  • Tie a rope on the upper side to make it narrow and decorate it with beautiful lace.

  • Paint it using white spray paint.

The DIY vase is ready. Place it anywhere and decorate it with beautiful flowers.

2. DIY Planters for Home Decoration:

Small plant pots can be converted into beautiful DIY planters for home decoration.

Material Required:

  • Small plant pots
  • Acrylic paints (white, light green, dark green)
  • Paint brushes
  • Spray varnish


  • Paint a small plant pot with two coats of white acrylic paint. Let it dry completely.
  • Make branches and small leaves on the pot using light and dark green acrylic paints.

  • Repeat the pattern on the whole pot. Varnish it using a spray varnish to give a smooth finish.

  • Decorate it with artificial flowers and place the DIY planter on the corner table as a DIY craft for home decoration.


You can make easy DIY crafts for home decoration using simple materials. They will make your home more beautiful and you can decorate your home without buying expensive decorative items.


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