10 Best Plants for your Home Entrance

As you decorate your home garden with beautiful flowers and plants, it is very important to decorate your home entrance with plants to give a positive and welcoming feeling. The entrance of your house is like a first impression of your house. Some people and guests come inside of your house but some just go back from the entrance like the delivery man, office colleague, or even sometimes neighbors. Place the best plants at your home entrance to make it appealing.

Best Plants for your Home Entrance:

The best plants to decorate your home entrance are:

1. English ivy:

If you have a shady entrance, English ivy is a great choice. You can hang it or let it trail upwards from a pot. English ivy is the best plant for your home entrance as it remains green throughout the year.

2. Boxwood Topiary:

Boxwood topiary can be the best plant for your home entrance as it can be shaped in any style. It can be styled to give a short and bushy look or left tall. This plant does not require much care and grows well in cold weather too.

3. Petunia:

Petunia is a colorful plant that allows you to embellish your home entrance with flowers. This plant requires sunlight to grow well. Put them in pots around your front door or on steps where they can get sunlight.

4. Umbrella Tree:

This plant needs indirect light and warm temperatures. It can be cut in any shape according to your space. The Umbrella tree also requires less maintenance and grows very tall if gets the proper care. It can be the best choice for your home entrance.

5. Bird of Paradise:

Give your home entrance a beautiful look with a bird of paradise plant. It can’t grow in very cold weather but can grow both in sun or shade.

6. Tradescantia:

Tradescantia is another best plant for your home entrance. It requires less care and is good for a slightly shady home entrance. Its leaves are a mix of silver, purple, and green colors that makes it more attractive.

7. Citrus Tree:

A citrus tree can be grown in a pot placed at your home entrance as it will not require a large space. A lemon plant at your home entrance will not only looks good but also provide you with organic fruit.

8. Boston Fern:

It is an ever-green plant. This plant grows well both indoors and outdoors and requires less maintenance. The color of its leaves is fresh green and looks very beautiful.

9. Wax Begonia:

A very beautiful flowering plant is the wax begonia. It requires indirect light or shade to grow. This plant grows fast and must be planted in a wide pot.

10. Coleus:

This plant grows well in cool and humid environments. This plant requires less maintenance and has beautiful leaves.

All these are the best plants for your home entrance. You can choose any of them. These plants will make your home look beautiful and will give positive vibes to coming guests.

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