Decorate your Home with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants improve the air quality of your home, make it look stylish and beautiful. Home decoration with plants is not as much easy as it is taken, if the plants are not properly chosen and placed according to the space of your house, they will look just like a mess. There are some secret tips that must be considered while decorating your home with indoor plants.

6 Best Tips to Decorate your Home with Indoor Plants:

These are the best tips that must be considered while decorating your home with indoor plants:

1. Home Entrance Decoration with Indoor Plants:

The entrance is the most important space of the house to decorate with indoor plants because it is the introduction to your house. When guests step right into your home entrance, they must be met with this beautiful console that’s styled and decorated with a beautiful vignette that should feel personal and unique to your space.

If your home entrance is small, then place small potted plants in a grouping. Group plants in odd numbers and vary the height of plants and vessels. Another tip to decorate a small entrance with plants is the use of hanging plants.

If your home entrance is large, place an indoor plant that is proportional to the visual space. A single potted tree works best to anchor an empty corner but doesn’t put a huge-sized plant in your entrance as it will block the way and your entrance will look messy and congested.

Another useful tip while decorating your home entrance with indoor plants is that don’t put all potted plants on the floor, place them on different levels and surfaces like tables, storage, window, or any other available space.

If the space is heavily decorated, then the placement of plants should be minimal. Try to harmonize the space, choose those indoor plants that are not too leafy and space-taking. Without home entrance decoration with indoor plants, your home decoration is incomplete.

2. Living Room Decoration with Indoor Plants:

The living room is the next part of your house that is most commonly used and visited by the guests. Home decoration with indoor plants mainly depends upon decorating your home living room with plants. This place is normally a large space and  has more area to decorate with indoor plants. If your living room is quite large, you can place a taller indoor plant at the back of your sofa or in the corner.

If you don’t have a ton of space for a huge tall sprawling tree, then the best tip is to place a series of potted plants whether or not they are hanging or sitting on a coffee table.

The secret tip behind decorating your living room with indoor plants is to make a balance between plants and furniture. The main aim is to add greenery to different corners of your living room. A huge blank wall of your living room can be decorated by placing indoor plants on hanging or assorted shelves.

3. Dining Room Decoration with Indoor Plants:

Dining rooms usually don’t have a lot of space for a huge indoor plant. You can use an empty corner for plant decoration, and place an indoor plant in a beautiful pot or vessel. Choose that indoor plant for your dining room decoration that best fits your aesthetic and vibe.

If your dining room is small and you don’t want to put a huge size plant then choose a beautiful indoor plant that sits as the centerpiece for your dining table.

It’s not necessary to place the same kind of indoor plants while decorating your home, you can choose a variety of indoor plants of different sizes and shapes. The more greenery you add, the livelier the space will be.

4. Kitchen Decoration with Indoor Plants:

Most kitchens have a beautiful bright window that is really conducive to helping indoor plants grow and thrive. If your kitchen has floating shelves, the best tip for plant decoration is layering plants in all different shapes and sizes, some trailing and some upright. You can place plants in the space above your cabinets so it will save your space.

A simple potted vessel with a beautiful bright green plant is sufficient to add color to the space. Small potted herbs are a great solution for minimal spaces. You can grow vegetables and herbs in your kitchen hence saving money and getting organic products. All of these are the best tips for decorating your kitchen with indoor plants. As the kitchen is the place where you spent a lot of time cooking and washing dishes so it must be decorated with plants to give you a fresh feeling. A sink ledge is the best spot for a mini indoor garden.

5. Bedroom Decoration with Indoor Plants:

The best tip for bedroom decoration with indoor plants is to style a variety of indoor plants in a special corner of the bedroom or hang it right above your dresser or place beautiful plant vessels on your side tables.

If your bedroom has a window with a ledge that will be the perfect spot for a collection of your favorite indoor plants. As this is a bright place, indoor plants will propagate properly.

One of the best tips in home decoration with indoor plants is to have beautiful indoor plants in your bedroom. If your bedroom is already filled with a lot of furniture then the best tip for plant decoration is to place a tall and skinny potted plant that does not acquire a lot of space.

6. Bathroom Decoration with Indoor Plants:

The bathroom is the perfect breeding ground for indoor plants, as plants love heat and moisture, the bonus point is you have a bright window in your bathroom for sunshine. You can place small potted plants or vessels on shelves in one corner, or if your bathroom has enough space then you can place a planter right on the floor.

You can place a spare stool in one corner of your bathroom and place a potted plant on it.

The best tip while decorating your home with indoor plants is to place indoor plants in the bright areas of your home where your plants get ample light to grow and thrive. Like placing them in the entrance and near windows of your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

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