Modern Home Entrance Decoration Ideas

Every home has an entrance, whether it’s small or large, and it must be nicely decorated to make your home look modern and expensive. The home entrance gives the first impression of your house, so keep these modern home decoration ideas in mind to impress your guests.

10 Fabulous and Modern Home Entrance Decoration Ideas:

Try these fabulous and modern home decorating ideas to beautifully design your home entrance:

1. Mirrors:

The most common element in home entrance decoration is a mirror. It’s a great idea to place mirrors at your home entrance as it is a little place to have a final look at yourself before going out. Most home entrances are small, mirrors make them look bigger as they reflect the light. Mirrors hung on the home entrance make your home look modern.

2. Table or Flat Surface:

You can place a table or a flat surface top in your home entryway. Place some beautiful decoration pieces and small plant pots on this surface. This is also a modern home entrance decoration idea.

3. Storage:

You can make your home entrance functional by placing storage like a table with drawers, a small cabinet, a shoe rack, or a dresser. Storage is essential for making the home entrance functional as we can store the things that we need when going out like hats, scarves, shoes, and other things. So this is a good idea to put a table or flat surface at your home entrance having drawers like a dresser.

4. Baskets for Storage:

Another home entrance decoration idea is to put baskets for storage at your home entrance. You can put small items in these baskets that you require while going out like keys, glasses, water bottles, etc. Beautiful jute baskets are available in the market that is not very costly.

5. Hooks:

Hooks of any sort are essential for hanging up coats, or purses. These hooks can be a strip of hooks that are hung up on the wall or a coat rack. Try to keep things organized to make your home entrance look clean and tidy.

6. Key Storage:

Another functional idea is to keep some sort of bowl or storage of some kind at your entrance. You can keep keys in it, especially if you are the kind of person who always misplaces their keys. Make a habit of putting keys in it when you come home, so you don’t have to run across the home for looking them. You can also hang beautiful key holders at your home entrance as a fabulous home entrance decoration idea.

7. Lighting:

Lighting is very important especially when your entrance is smaller or is just like a dark hallway. It can make a dramatic change in that space by making it feel bigger and brighter. You can place table lamps on the table placed at your entrance, wall sconces, or overhead lighting that is common in most entrances, or you can choose a combination of these.

8. Area Rug:

Put a rug of some sort at your home entrance. If your entrance is small, then place a small rug or door mat in front of your home entrance door where you can wipe your feet, but if your entryway is long, you can consider adding a large rectangular area rug to make the space cozier and inviting.

9. Plants:

Decorate your home entrance by placing real plants in your home entrance to give a fresh and fabulous look. Hanging plants can be used instead of potted plants in small entryways.

10. Seating:

You can add seating at your home entrance if it has a large space. Seating helps you sit down and put on your shoes. It is not necessary to put a big bench or anything, you can just place a chair or a stool in the corner.

All these are modern and fabulous home entrance decoration ideas. Don’t put many things at your home entrance especially when it has a small space. But you can place more things if it is medium or large sized. Don’t make your entrance look crowded. Try to find balance and harmony.


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