10 Beautiful Living Room Shelf Designs

The necessary item of a home is the shelves as they are an efficient storage place, and provides space for displaying T.V. and other necessary items. Shelves are multi-functional as they not only provide a place for displaying things but also make the home look modern and stylish. It decorates the empty living room walls beautifully.

10 Beautiful Living Room Shelf Designs:

Shelves can be made of various materials and endless designs. Choose those living room shelf designs that fit best in your space. You can create beautiful living room shelves at home with a minimum budget and according to the requirement of the space.

You can create 10 beautiful living room shelf designs easily according to your requirements.

1. Home Shelves Design:

Beautiful living room shelves designed for a stylish and modern home can be created by using this method.

Cut small pieces of a wooden board such that when you join them make  letters H-O-M-E.

Other words can be created using this beautiful living room shelf design.

2. Watermelon Shelves Design:

A cheerful and beautiful living room shelf design can be created in the shape of a colorful watermelon. These watermelon shelves will brighten up the dull white wall of the living room.

This shelving design can easily be created at home. To make this shelf design, take two semi-circle pieces of wood and two rectangular wooden pieces. Paint these semi-circles with the same colors as the watermelon and attach rectangular wooden pieces over them to serve as shelves.

3. Enliven the Staircase Shelves Design:

You can also build shelves in the space under or beside the staircase to make the space more enlivening and beautiful. You can use this staircase shelves design to make your home look stylish and modern.

These inbuilt shelves turn the space into ample storage and add style to the staircase. This shelf’s design is very easy to create. Take pieces of the wooden board measuring the size of the area under the staircase and attach them to the wall to make the shelves.

4. Partition Shelves Design:

This shelf design can be used to partition any area of the home whether a bedroom, living room, or kitchen. These partition shelves partition rooms without using room dividers.

Partition shelves can be created by using wooden boards, pipes, and similar materials. These partition shelves will  give storage to display your items in addition to visually dividing one room into another.

5. Frame Shelves Design:

This living room shelves design boosts not only the beauty but also the functionality of your living room. You can place your books, photo frames, small decoration pieces, or historical items here.

Take four pieces of wooden boards and join them to make a frame. Paint these frames with any paint colors and you can display items in the width of the frame.

6. Woven Rope Shelves Design:

A woven rope can be used to make a beautiful living room shelf design. In addition to storage, this shelving unit decorates the home as well.

This is a handmade shelves design. If you have woven skills then you can create it easily at home.

7. Built-in Shelves Design:

If your living room has less space, a built-in shelves design is a smart idea. It can maximize space without gathering the area and provides more places to store books, toys, and other items.

This living room shelves design is good in providing space and simple décor. Built-in shelves look good in contemporary living room design which prioritizes simplicity.

8. Pipes Shelves Design:

Built-in shelves provide great storage space for T.V., books, toys, plants, and other decorative items but a beautiful shelving unit can be created with the help of pipes.

This shelving unit includes a T.V. stand and many other shelves for storage. Wheels are also attached to this shelving unit to move it freely anywhere. This living room shelves design is very costly as it is made up of pipes, wooden pieces, and some other materials.

9. Corner Shelves Design:

The corner of a living room is a good place to design shelves. This corner living room shelves design is a unique way of storage and décor.

Wooden boards are used on these shelves to make the outlook more aesthetic and modern.

10. Artistic Shelves Design:

Make your home stylish and modern by mounting this artistic living room shelves design. This wall shelf is not only functional but also artistic.

This shelf’s design is composed of four small-sized wooden frames and a large wooden frame. You can display small or medium-sized objects to make the space more appealing and stylish.

These living room shelf designs are inspirational and creative, you can make any of them according to your space. The shelves are more functional if they are placed or mounted in a position where you can put things easily and clean the surface.

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